John Martin


Play Writer/ Film Director/ Event Planner and Promoter John Martin, Sr. was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He experienced a lot of hardships, and was in a lot of trouble in his adolescence. He started his marketing career on several street corners in Des Moines, IA. He was expelled from high school for selling drugs out of his locker. John started to change his life when he became a father at 19. He was apart of several business start-ups in the early 2000's that involved a heavy involvement of traveling to New York City, and negotiating wholesale pricing for several products. In the summer of 2002, John made at least 20 business trips to New York. He would come back to Des Moines and sell wholesale products out of the trunk of his car all throughout the Midwest. John has a strong selling strength, and has incredible negotiating skills.
In 2004, he became apart of a big collection agency, CBE Group, where he worked third party collections. John quickly became the top collector in his first month on the floor. He worked there for four years, and was top collector in his department 40 out of the 44 months he was there. He was top collector 28 consecutive months. He then moved on to Wells Fargo to be a collections specialists where he excelled there as well.

In 2011, Martin started TeamStrong, Inc., at a time when he felt the need to serve his community, and create social awareness of the different issues affecting his community. Along with creating and promoting other family oriented events, such as cookouts and skating parties; John Martin, Sr. started the long standing brand of LOL Y’all Comedy Show, where local and national comedians gather to perform in Des Moines and other cities in the U.S. Proceeds from shows are donated to several organizations including Des Moines Public Schools. Shortly thereafter, John began to introduce a clean version of the LOL Y’all Comedy Show, which he gave the name Laffin With the Fam. He started this so his kids could be apart and see the shows. Once more, national comedians travel to Des Moines, IA to perform a clean (language and context) show for the entire family to enjoy! Martin felt the need to bring different events to the Des Moines area that supports the family structure John is all about creating a family experience.
He also has focused on changing the nightlife experience in Des Moines. John has urbanized and created a series of sage party events that have urbanized Des Moines nightlife. He has consistently created events that have produced over 300 people consistently.
Martin has also created a series of urban stage plays with DVD production.
In 2015, John an Jessica added a marketing aspect to TeamStrong, Inc. where they help develop business growth to several local, and national businesses. They take a strategic, passionate approach through experience and knowledge to enhance surrounding businesses. They, together have helped several businesses through consulting, and strategic marketing.


Jessica Trinidad


Born in Washington state, she is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who moved back to Michoacán, Mexico by the time she was just three years old. After returning to the United States at the age of thirteen, she lived in Los Angeles. Jessica is well traveled, and has brought with her a very diverse, culture-rich background to Iowa since the time she was eighteen. In Iowa, she has obtained an associates degree in Computer and Networking Technology. She has acquired extensive leadership skills over the years by managing groups of over 250 people. Furthermore, she specializes in recruiting and human resources.

Jessica decided to develop her career in voiceover work, breaking into the industry in 2009. Over the years, she has matured into a professional voiceover actor that has voiced for household names such as McDonalds, Wells Fargo, Johnson and Johnson, in conjunction with many other national and local brands.

Joining forces with John in 2016 to build TeamStrong Inc., Jessica brought with her a wealth of knowledge deriving out of total combined experience in management, leadership, and technology. This undeniable talent grants unmatched services to the customers of TeamStrong Inc., as well as business affiliates abroad.